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Types of Fences

Why is it important to have your house fenced? If you have pets, it keeps your pets from wandering. If you have kids, fences will prevent your children from walking off without a chaperone, thus lessens the risks of kidnapping. It can screen people at the gate before letting them in. It prevents trespassers from coming during the night, thus making you and your family safe and sound. And basically, enjoy more privacy.

There are lots of advantages a fence can offer. And if you're planning to have your house fenced, here's an introduction of the different types of fences to help you on what fence you should use:

Vinyl Fences

With vinyl fences, appearance and maintenance are the key advantages. It may be quite expensive, but vinyl fences:

  •     Lasts longer than wood fence when properly installed
  •     No or low maintenance
  •     It does not require painting as it always looks good
  •     It is cleanable
  •     Doesn't rot like wood or rust like metal

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron is the typical metal fence, though it is usually pricier since it’s commonly custom made for your fencing project. It has lower carbon content than that of steel. Some benefits of this fence are:

  •     it’s malleable
  •     it’s sturdy
  •     it’s easily welded

Steel Fences

Steel fencing comes in different grades – depending on style, height, strength and thickness. If maintenance is something you don't want to do then steel fences may be the right one for you.

  •     Steel fencing adds more style and elegance without even sacrificing its strength
  •     It is very sturdy and is generally maintenance-free
  •     Usually steel fencing is for security purposes
  •     This type of fencing may be really expensive, but for sure it will keep you safe and give you your privacy.

Aluminum Fences/Metal Fences

Aluminum fencing is an economical alternative to steel and wrought iron fencing. It calls for a little maintenance and is almost as tough as steel fencing. One of the main advantages of aluminum fencing is that it doesn't rust – no rust and no discoloration.

Chain Link Fences

A chain link fence is the most common style of fencing. It is sold very cheap compared to the other types of fences, and it doesn’t really need so much attention to maintain.  It's easy to install and maintain. Just make sure you get it done thicker, as when you get the normal ones they're easy to break. So it all depends on how you intend to use it and how thick you get it.

Wood Fences

Wood fencing is all about privacy and beauty. It can range from inexpensive to very expensive, as woods can come in different grades and different strengths (depending on what species of wood you want to use).

  •     Wood fencing is beautiful to match your house
  •     It can be painted or stained with limitless choice of colors
  •     It can be custom designed to match the exterior of your house or just for your own liking