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In pool fences, safety comes first

Child drowning stats in the country can be quite alarming. Did you know that of the kids less than five years old who drown in NSW, around 70 per cent happen in swimming pools? In fact, over 28 per cent of all drowning deaths among children occur in portable or inflatable swimming pools. It is for this reason that each state and territory has pool fencing laws.

Benefits of Pool Fencing

Having a fence around your pool provides several advantages:

  • Protects your family
    The most important of these benefits is your family's safety, most especially your children. Without a pool fence, kids are at risk of injuring themselves or drowning since many do not know how to swim.
  • Gives you peace of mind
    Having a child-proof pool fence in place will give you peace of mind. This, however, doesn't mean that you can be complacent.
  • Keeps pets and other creatures out of the pool area
    Pool fences can also keep your pool area clean and clear of pets and small creatures. Provided, of course, that your fence's openings are small enough to keep small creatures out of the pool.
  • Could help lower home insurance costs
    An injury suffered in an unfenced private pool is typically viewed as the homeowner's fault. Putting up a fence around your pool could avert pricey claims because it shows that the pool is owned by a responsible person.
  • Provides privacy
    If you have a wooden fence or something similar around your pool, you get to enjoy better privacy because it would keep outsiders from looking in on you and your family while you enjoy your pool.

Pool Fencing Options

Looking to put a fence around your private pool? Here are a couple of alternatives you can pursue:

  • Construct a permanent pool fence
    You can have a permanent fence built around your pool using materials like wood (or hardwood), tubular steel, vinyl/PVC, fibreglass, aluminium tube, glass or removable mesh. Take note that the material you use would determine the durability of your pool fence and privacy of your pool, while its design would control what you keep out of your pool.

    For instance, a four-foot high steel fence with three-inch gaps between bars would keep children out, but wouldn't prevent rodents from getting in and might not keep outsiders from watching. However, a six-foot tall wooden fence with no gaps would keep children, rodents and onlookers out.
  • Purchase a removable pool fence
    If you're a bit more budget-conscious, or if your pool has space constraints that keep you from building a permanent pool fence, you can buy a removable or pre-made pool fence, which are mainly designed for child safety and keeping small animals out of the pool area.

    However, these fence kits do not provide as much privacy as a solid and permanent pool fence. Fortunately, pre-made/removable pool fences are easy to install, maintain and remove. In fact, it's easier to use than mesh covers or pool nets.