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In pool fences, safety comes first

Tuesday June 26, 2012
Child drowning stats in the country can be quite alarming. Did you know that o ...

Choosing the Right Material for your Fence

Tuesday June 26, 2012
Trying to decide what kind of fence to build? To give you a better idea, here ...

Types of Fences

Thursday March 8, 2012
Why is it important to have your house fenced? If you have pets, it keeps your ...

Do It Yourself Fencing

Friday February 10, 2012
Flooding, termites, bad neighbors, big dogs, young kids, or naked sunbathing a ...

What is the Best Fence for Privacy?

Wednesday February 8, 2012
When the time comes that you have to select fencing for your land, you may be ...

Tips on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Home

Wednesday February 1, 2012
A fence can beautify your own space, but obviously, a fence isn't just for tha ...

Farm Fencing on a budget

Tuesday January 19, 2010
Farm Fencing on a budget Ways to find cheap fencing for a farm proper ...

Garden Style

Sunday April 6, 2008
These boundary markers come in more shades than plain paling, writes Jim Fogarty.

Glass In The Frame

Friday October 21, 2005
TOUGHENED glass is becoming increasingly popular as a fence component, especially around suburban swimming pools.

A Fence Runs Around It

Wednesday October 19, 2005
What options do I have when fencing a period property?

Right Standards For Fencing

Friday September 5, 2003
ALL private pools need an effective pool fence.

Fencing Facts

Wednesday July 30, 2003
Whether it's for the sides or the front, choosing a fence can be fraught with frustration, as Janet de Silva reports ...

See Neighbour Over The Fence

Monday September 17, 2001
Q Q: My 4-year-old son is just crazy about animals. His birthday is coming up soon and my husband and I think it would be a good idea to buy him a puppy. The only problem though is that the fence, which divides our property from our two neighbours, is full of gaps through which a puppy could escape. Although it would be possible to patch up the gaps as a temporary measure, the fence is in such a state that it really needs replacing. A friend told me that if I wanted to I could put in a new fence and then bi

Plenty Of Options For Your New Fence

Thursday June 14, 2001
First impressions are important, so when a decision is made to install a new front fence consider all options.

Safety Fence And Peace Of Mind

Wednesday October 1, 1997
Complete fun, safety and peace of mind can only be achieved while swimming in a backyard pool if the owner has a fence surrounding the area. In fact, it's compulsory nowadays to have a fence surrounding a swimming pool and that's where Kenwalls Fencing in Wollongong can assist. Kenwalls have

Fencing Around

Saturday April 4, 1992
THE Australian penchant for fences has encouraged some innovative designs in recent years. Home renovators are being encouraged to design their own fence, in consultation with a builder, resulting in some seemingly unlikely combinations of materials. The standard hardwood paling fence has

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