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Do It Yourself Fencing

Flooding, termites, bad neighbors, big dogs, young kids, or naked sunbathing are just some of the reasons to install a new fence. And to be able to get out of these situations, you have to do it right so it won’t end up needing to be replaced far sooner than if you had done it right to start with.

Out of all the fence system, wood fence system is an excellent choice. It will provide you years of protection, privacy and value. And this doesn't only separate you from neighbors and have your own space, but it also enhances your home's appearance.

Wood fencing comes in a wide array of colors, sizes, types and qualities. Before buying, it's always better to spend a little more time browsing materials and be able to adjust on what's currently available in the market. It might be time consuming and might be a difficult task, but by doing this you'll get the most value for your money and be able to identify the right fence for your needs.

So where do you start?


Nowadays, most fences are made from wood. And since you're doing your fence by yourself, it's better to settle for wood than hardcore heavy metals. Wood fences are inexpensive, versatile, and easy to acquire. It can be painted or stained or let just let the wood age to its natural color.

Proper and accurate installation is the key to a long-lasting fence. But there’s a problem with wood fences – the early failure of the posts. Wood doesn’t hold up well to the ground unless you stick it more than 24 inches deep into the ground. The best solution for this is to use steel post construct your wood fence. Be sure to use quality posts and rails made from cedar, redwood, or those woods that have been pressure-treated which are rot-resistant and buy aluminum and stainless steel posts and fasteners which are corrosion-resistant.

When choosing your wood, it’s best to base your decision from where it’s going to be used. Since you’re making a fence, a regular thin wood won’t do. When choosing your wood, there are different grades that meet the quality specification of product standards. It’s good to research and gather knowledge on grades to know what you should opt for.

Style that will suit your home

With wood fencing, you can do a lot about its color and basically change its whole appearance. There are lots of techniques to match it to your home – from styling the wood, to staining the wood. Wherever your imagination takes you, it’s all possible. And keep in mind that a properly designed and well-built wood fence can set off your home so naturally.

In addition, since you’re doing it yourself, it’s always better if you do your research to have an idea how other styles can be done or how to create different accents for your property.


Once you’re ready to make your fence and you have all the materials needed, first rule is to set your fence posts 6 – 8 inches apart, but this all depends on the type of fence you build. It’s best to set the corner or end post first to serve as a marking. You stretch a line from each corner or end post to align all the other posts in between.  Once you’re done, take time to measure the posts accurately as your whole fence will mostly depend on the positioning

Setting up

Setting up your wood fence may take days depending on how big your lot is. Just make sure that you dig deep with the same measurements for every post and provide the right amount of gravel underneath. Also make sure to use wood preservatives to treat the section of the wood that will be underground. Pack the posts with concrete or dirt to make it firm to the ground and be sure that all your posts are in exact upright position. Before adding the fence, give your posts at least several days to a week to see if your posts have settled in firmly and in position. Lastly, make your posts head rounded or capped to avoid it from accumulating water.

After all of these, you can now add the rails to your fence posts. It will be easy to add when your posts are properly aligned. Once you're done with your rails, the last thing to do is to select your fence style. There are literally hundreds of fence styles. There are pre-assembled wood fencing or you start from scratch. Either way, choose a type of fence that depends primarily on the purpose.